2020: DFMUK (Design for Manufacturing UK)

Global uncertainty

The debate about production sourcing has been drawn ever more sharply into focus with the Coronavirus outbreak, first in China, and then spreading around the world.  As a result, long-standing assumptions regarding supply chains especially in Asia are being questioned.  We are hopeful the outbreak will die down soon; at the same time questions will surely persist concerning this aspect of the global economy going forwards.  The ‘New Normal’ will be different!


With the pressures that accompany the development and roll-out of new product lines, the last thing companies need is disruption – but that is what firms are experiencing now and on a rapidly escalating scale.  Furthermore, at the present time, no-one knows how much worse the problems will get – nor for how long.

Help is at hand

At Chute Design, we may be able to help.  As a consequence of designing products specifically for manufacture (DFM) over three decades, we have long-established relationships with UK-based manufacturers in various fields; these range from plastics tooling & moulding, emerging ‘bio’ materials e.g. bamboo resin, 3D printing & prototyping, metal fabrication & assembly, electronics, packaging & fulfilment.

Some of these companies do operate overseas as well especially in areas such as production tooling. However the headquarters and key personnel are UK-based and our clients have found this to offer a significant advantage.  Why?

  • Stability of supply chain
  • Can actually be highly competitive
  • No language problems
  • No time-zone issues
  • Control & transparency of the process
  • Prompt and lucid feedback/communication
  • Overall tailored to customer’s needs – flexibility is key right now.


Our expertise derives from many years of project-based experience in carefully matching our clients to the most suitable supplier.  Typical factors influencing this choice include:

  • Quantities/MOQs
  • Lead times
  • Potential for scaling up
  • Material specs
  • Traceability & certification.

Also most important are these factors:

  • Prior experience of the client in managing the process – especially at the moment 
  • We are very happy to interface with in-house R&D/production.  

What we offer

We provide a consultancy service to 

  1. Assess the client’s needs,
  2. Make the appropriate recommendation,
  3. Make the introduction and 
  4. Help with implementation.
  5. One final plus – we keep an eye open for opportunities & threats concerning IP.    

We are on hand – working right with you as the project develops on your way to success in the marketplace.

For more information, contact Nigel Chute: 01285 239016, nigel@chutedesign.co.uk or visit: http://www.chutedesign.co.uk 

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