A different approach to recruitment

MTRecruitment is completely different to other recruitment firms and is led by Matt Thornton who, prior to creating the consultancy practice, spent 24 years in hiring management positions and fully understands how to work with clients to achieve a win-win result.  This is why all our assignments are charged on a flat fee structure.

Using a Recruiter who fully understands your requirements and the types of people you’re looking for takes a whole load of pressure off the hiring process and can save time and money.  Whilst this is a more beneficial way of going about recruiting, there is still that uncomfortable feeling  around the fees that recruiters charge.  Most recruiters will justify their fee by explaining what they’re doing for it. However, in a lot of cases, the recruiter isn’t working in a way that is collaborative and, in some cases, is downright scandalous!  This clearly leaves the employer feeling that they could have done a better job themselves rather than paying huge fees for terrible service from the people they’ve entrusted to carry out the assignment.

Getting recruitment right takes practice, patience and dedication to the process.  From understanding the reasons why the need has arisen in the first place through to writing the job and person specification, drafting job adverts and then the sourcing, sifting, interviewing and offer stages takes expertise and skill.  However, a lot of businesses don’t see the process through correctly, often resulting in poor outcomes which can ultimately cost the business a lot of wasted time and money as well as  potentially damaging their reputation with disgruntled applicants.

If you would like to know more about how we charge and what we offer in terms of service, please feel free to give either Matt or Michaela a call on 01993 228 700 or drop us a line with your details and a good time for us to call you back to info@mtrecruit.co.uk.