Allison Murray Design rebrands The Kingham Plough

Matt and Katie Beamish took over the running of the The Kingham Plough in Kingham a few months ago and asked FLBClub member, Allison Murray Design to rebrand their pub so it reflected a “proper Cotswold pub with a modern twist”.

Over the years the Cotswolds has seen an influx of people moving out of London to either live in the area or establish their second homes here. It is also visited by many tourists from all over the world and the UK. Over the years, the rise of the gastropub in the Cotswolds has increased to a point where pubs become restaurants rather than traditional drinking establishments serving good food. This has led to the demise of “proper” Cotswolds pub. With this in mind, The Kingham Plough needed to clearly differentiate itself from its direct competition and be a desirable, welcoming destination for the whole community (the locals’ pub), as well as for visitors to the area.

“I wanted to create a warm and friendly identity that reflected the beauty of the Cotswold countryside and a scene of life living here. Therefore, the branding shows a woodcut illustration of the ploughed field after it’s been ploughed with birds, rather than using an obvious plough itself” says Allison Murray.

The branding is used in a variety of ways across signage, menus and the website which is currently in progress.