New landlord at the Riverside, Lechlade

Tennis nut Charlie Hill has taken over the well-known Lechlade pub – The Riverside Inn situated right on the River Thames. Charlie wants the pub to become a community hub and is keen to establish links with various organisations in and around the town.

George Arkell and Charlie Hill
George Arkell and Charlie Hill at The Riverside Inn

Charlie said: “The Riverside is in a beautiful location and can be enjoyed all year long for its wildlife and views. We can do so much more here and I am keen to add in a comedy night on a Monday and some great live music for Sundays as a wind-down from the weekend.”

Charlie only took up tennis three years ago, but now enjoys playing three to four times a week and is keen to find opponents and similar sports and community-minded people in the area. 

“Arkell’s and I are keen to bring people together and we have the facilities here to do so. I look forward to actually getting involved with the people from the area and learning more about Lechlade. For me it was about location, location, location and this is a beautiful area with so much to offer.” 

For more information or to book a table or room please call: 01367 252534 or email: 

An amazing start for PCH Business Support in 2020

Paul Holmes has been appointed as Business Coach for the Robin Waite Fearless Business Accelerator and will run Fearless Ops, appointed to the virtual board NED service by Inspire, as well as an extension of the Growth Hub contract in Oxford, and new dates for sessions at the Growth Hubs across Gloucestershire.

Looking forward to seeing you all through the year.

PCH Offers an initial hour of consultation free of charge which may be enough on its own to help your business move forward!

Please contact or call 07715008521 for more information.

A small investment can keep you warm this winter & save you £££

Pipe lagging is a type of insulation fitted around water pipes that saves energy by sealing in heat to ensure the heat in your hot water is not lost before it gets to its destination. Lagging can also prevent pipes from freezing and potentially bursting in very cold weather which could lead to costly repairs.

The main benefits of pipe lagging are to:

  • Reduce heat loss from the pipes and save energy
  • Ensure that the water in your hot water pipes remains hot where it is needed
  • Prevents the water in your pipes from freezing which can expand enough to burst the pipe

Central heating system pipes are usually made from copper as it is highly conductive making it ideal for transporting hot water. But, just as the pipes can get very warm, they can also get very cold and cold pipes can attract water vapour that can lead to corrosion when it condenses on the surface. Lagging prevents condensation from forming on cold pipes.

Which pipes should you lag?

Pipes in your loft as the insulation in your loft prevents heat from your living space rising into the loft so your loft area can get very cold. It is worth lagging the pipes to prevent heat loss and freezing.

All hot water pipes to prevent heat loss and ensure the maximum amount of heat is delivered. Lag all hot water pipes including pipes in the airing cupboard, pipes from the boiler and central heating pipes.

Outside pipes such as those leading to garden taps.

Click here for a useful guide to lagging your pipes with foam tubes via B&Q.

Lagging is an easy DIY task however, some pipes such as those running under floors can be hard to reach, get in touch if you need assistance.

Business Club networking works

Mary Thomas of Concise Training in Faringdon is helping Susan and Roly Paterson at The Purple Plumbing People Limited with their digital marketing. Mary is well known for her grasp of social media, websites and digital marketing and has previously presented very useful training sessions in these subjects for FLBClub members.

The Purple Plumbing People Limited can help if you are improving your home in 2020 and ask if you have considered under-floor heating? Roly says it is an energy efficient way to create a comfortable environment.

Contact The Purple Plumbing People for more information and a free quote at: 01367 252807 or 

To find out more about digital marketing or using social media, contact Concise Training at: 01865 522658, 07799 634835 or

Business Forum Proposal

“Careers guidance in schools is not fit for purpose,” the words of a secondary school parent governor.

Young people leaving school, college or even university are not work ready. That’s according to at least half of all business leaders. Addressing this “skills gap” forms one of the key objectives in the 2019 Manifesto of the Hereford and Worcester Chamber of Commerce, of which I am a member…which raises the obvious question: “What skills are we talking about?”

Surely not career specific skills. Skills specific to engineering, accountancy or pig farming are not the sort of skills that schools can reasonably be expected to teach. Skills like these are best addressed by apprenticeships. 

Presumably, we’re talking about skills that are not career specific, in other words, soft skills.

Which brings me back to my original question: “Just what skills are we talking about?” The problem is never going to be solved until we are very clear what the answer to that question is. We also need to ask ourselves:

  • Why the absence of those skills matters?
  • What impact does this lack of skill have on business?
  • What would be the impact on business if those skills could be taught to the required standard?
  • What is the required standard?

My own research has established that schools are in no position to pay professionals to deliver the sort of training that’s required. Schools haven’t got the money and, in any case, Ofsted grades are jeopardised by taking students off core curriculum time-tables.

While most business people have the necessary skills, very few possess professional coaching qualifications and they don’t have the time to deliver training courses, even if schools were willing to invite them into their classrooms, which they’re not because they daren’t!

It seems to me that a golden opportunity exists for business leaders, schools, professional coaches and possibly parents to collaborate in finding solutions to this challenge. But that means all those parties talking to one another, and how often does that happen?

As a qualified Master Coach, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to deliver a program developed by a forum of business people. Once the program is ready to roll, all we need to agree is where and when the training should take place and how it is to be funded?

I will be delighted to chair such a meeting.

Anyone interested in joining such a forum may contact me by email: or by phoning me: 07795-288490. 

Barry Jackson.

Tech teenager’s talk aims to inspire Cirencester businesses

You’re never too young to become an entrepreneur and that is certainly true of the speaker who’s talking at an event for businesses in Cirencester next month.

Cirencester Growth Hub is staging the free event on February 18, from 4-5pm, called Inspire Me, featuring young tech entrepreneur Scott Hiett, from Cirencester.

At just 16, Scott is already impressing the key players in the technology world. Aged seven, he taught himself to code and hasn’t looked back.

Scott is in demand as a public speaker, and has shared the stage with many influential speakers. After winning the Finastra FusionONE Hackathon in 2019 (where developers come together for just 48 hours to create new innovative apps in the world of banking), he was hailed by Forbes as “The Next Generation of Computer Science”.

He is involved in two businesses: channelling his experience of AI and Blockchain into the dynamic world of Esports, he developed a platform for tech start-up Edge, that secures payments and contracts for players and tournament organisers; and running his own start-up, where he is leading a global team to create a modification which will turn single player games into multiplayer games.

And on top of that, he is studying for his GCSEs at Marling School in Stroud!

During his talk, Scott plans to provide insight into the online world of the post-millennial generation, known as Gen Z. In order to remain relevant and attract top Gen Z talent, it will become increasingly important for Cirencester businesses to engage through media this generation take for granted.

“I realise I’ve achieved a lot for a 16 year old and I’m looking forward to sharing my story to local businesses in the hope I can inspire small business owners to  ‘think beyond’ when it comes to technology and engaging with my generation,” said Scott.

Deb Govier, Business Navigator at Cirencester Growth Hub, said: “We are so excited to have Scott join us and believe his talk will inspire not only the next generation of computer programmers but also any local business person intrigued about how he’s been opening doors to accelerate his success at such an early age.”

To book onto Scott’s talk on February 18, and for more information about Cirencester Growth Hub, visit email or call 01285 889850.

Cirencester Growth Hub, next to the Royal Agricultural University, is part of the Gloucestershire Growth Hub network. It stages regular events and workshops, all free to the county’s businesses, and also offers co-working space and meeting room hire.

The Importance of Being Earnest at The Barn Theatre

By popular demand, The Importance of Being Earnest is back at The Barn until 15th February. You can see the show in Cirencester before it becomes a Built By Barn first-ever transfer to London, where it will appear at The Turbine Theatre from 18th-29th February. The theatre is located in the iconic Battersea Power Station.

The stage is set, the audience are in and the cast are ready to go… but hold on! Are they? Two actors check the dressing room only to find the cast missing and a subsequent phone call confirms their worst fears – their vehicle has broken down and the actors cannot get to the theatre! But the show must go on. Featuring rapid costumes, tap dancing, fabulous frocks and enough tea to sink a ship. It is Oscar Wilde’s classic and the UK’s funniest play – Built By Barn style.

Important information about FLBClub membership

As from 1st January 2020, the annual membership fee for the Fairford & Lechlade Business Club will increase from £40 to £45. The Steering Group has managed to keep the cost of joining or renewing to just £40 for five years now and has reluctantly decided to increase the fee by just 1.25% to cover increased costs and to provide members with the first-rate service and benefits they have become used to.

What you get for your £45pa and the benefits you can expect from being a FLBClub member:

  • 6 evening meetings each year absolutely free to attend.
  • 4 breakfast meetings each year free to attend (but a charge for refreshments taken).
  • Inspirational speakers on relevant, interesting, helpful and useful subjects.
  • Free listing in the Club Directory. Anyone visiting our website – – can see who you are and what you do.
  • Free entry to the Business Awards with full media coverage for winners.
  • Extended networking to help your business grow.
  • Active liaison with other members to promote member business.
  • A monthly online Newsletter exclusively for members to use free of charge to promote their business and which is sent to all members and non-members – a total of nearly 1,000 businesses.
  • A dedicated FLBClub page in the Fairford & Lechlade Ripples Community Magazine.
  • All new members get a free mention in the Ripples magazine too with their business name, contact details and a little bit of information about what they do.
  • Discounted advertising in the Ripples magazine, which has a 12,000 circulation.
  • FLBClub does Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to get its name and members’ names out there on social media.