Designer & artist wears two hats!

Looking to the future…

Having designed many products for companies over the past 30-plus years I’m enjoying seeing some of my own inventions reach the market as well. There’s just nothing like seeing something you created actually out there in the shops!

Now with Brexit finally behind us and looking to the future I’m throwing down a challenge to our unrecognised local inventors: let’s see if together we can put our region on the map as an innovation hotspot!

…whilst celebrating the past

I have to admit a background in design makes me something of a buildings obsessive! Now with spring round the corner I’ll be getting out sightseeing indulging my passion for our local heritage. I am lucky enough to get asked to draw people’s houses and one of the great pleasures is hearing how they feel about where they live – it’s really personal.

I draw inspiration from all styles, periods, landscapes –  and not least from my clients themselves.   Since I am lucky enough to be based in the Cotswolds AONB inspiration is close at hand from the unique materials, building techniques and architectural heritage of this wonderful area.  

Similarly I’m a big champion of preserving our past in general and, even where a building can’t be saved, to try and capture it in a commemorative drawing. For example, Cirencester’s Old Cottage Memorial Hospital is now sadly lost but it’s been wonderful chatting over my little souvenir to former nurses, patients and even brides & grooms.

Essentially my approach is one of old-school craftsmanship which I learned at the drawing board in my other profession as a designer, particularly perspective and freehand sketching.   Parallel motion, adjustable set squares and railway curves were where I cut my teeth back in the day!