Find out about the Business of the Year 2019 winner – Lynwood’s & Co

This is where it all began:

Lynwood Café Australia started in 1994. They served home-made preserves and honest food to travelers from Sydney to Canberra in a humble bakery built around 1870! Twenty five years later and still in the same family, Lynwood & Co has found a new home in the heart of England offering the same Australian hospitality and great coffee.

The first UK Lynwood’s opened up in 2015 in the market square of Lechlade. Since then, sister cafés have opened up in Fairford and Burford. Then, last month, Lynwood’s Coffee Shop in Carterton opened up on 27th August – a fourth café for the rapidly expanding chain of individual cafés in the Cotswolds.

Rob Broadbent, who runs the ‘café empire’ and picked up the Business of the Year 2019 Award last January, said: “Our cafés are as individual as the people who visit them and the towns and villages in which they are set.”

Lynwood’s won Business of the Year 2019 because the judges were impressed by the quality of Lynwood’s entry and all the facts and figures that backed up this incredible journey of business success, expanding the business, training and employing local people and having a clear vision of bringing an Australian-style café culture to this corner of the Cotswolds.  To open a third coffee shop in Burford and thrive at the same time is a testament to the quality of the offer and the loyalty this has engendered amongst its customer base.  We are all proud and grateful to have a Lynwoods & Co coffee shop nearby!