FLBC members support local project

The Palmer Hall in Fairford is a much loved community space, which was built in 1936 on land gifted to the town by Arkell’s Brewery with the actual construction funded by Colonel A J Palmer of Huntley & Palmer Biscuit fame.

Now, over 82 years old, the hall needs a lot of modernisation and refurbishment work to bring it into the 21st century and make it more appealing to the growing numbers of residents in Fairford and beyond.

It is thought that a total of £70,000 will be needed to complete all the work on the wish list, which includes completely up-dating the toilets for male and female users; giving the entrance lobby a make-over; decorating and modernising the main hall and stage area and the installation of a new accessible toilet facility for disabled users. So far the Management Committee has raised around £55,000 in donations, grants and pledges. Chris Roberts, who is leading the fundraising campaign, is sincerely grateful for all the support received to date from individuals, local clubs, our local Councils, charitable trusts and businesses including FLBClub members, Nick Bennett of EveryWhichWay Photography, who filmed a 360 degree video to send to potential donors; Duncan Dalgleish of Harper Downie Creative Architects, who is providing lots of help with architectural drawings and advice on Building Regulations; Tanya Shukla of Hyperion House Care Home and the RAF Charitable Trust Enterprises. To see the video, visit: http://bit.ly/2JROdP5 and to help towards raising that last £15,000 that is needed for the Palmer Hall, please visit: https://uk.gofundme.com/the-palmer-hall.