FLBClub Steering Group

The following members were elected on to the Steering Group at the AGM on Thursday 26th April 2018:

Helen Webb (Chair)
T: 01285 713300 ext 5319
E: helen.webb@rafcte.com

Shirley Wheeler (Vice Chair)
T: 01793 727083
M: 07947 993784
E: info@cotswoldboat.co.uk

Chris Roberts (Administrator)
T: 01285 712150
M: 0744 350 0744
E: chrisrobertsmbe@gmail.com

Andrew Garland (Committee member)
T: 01793 278653
E: andrewgarland@actioncoach.com

Christina Taylor (Committee member)
M: 07941 673269
E: Christina@adminsupportandsolutions.co.uk

Please feel free to contact any of the members of the Steering Group if you have any queries, suggestions or concerns.