Help is at hand with KJ Accounts Advice Line

KJ Accounts has decided to expand services and offer an advice line. Helping bring peace of mind to you in your Accountancy, Business, and Personal Affairs. Many advice centres are closing down in the UK and more and more people feel that they have nobody to turn to. The aim of this line is give help to people, so that they can tackle their affairs instead of burying their heads in the sand.

I hear many stories of people having Accountancy, Business, and personal issues in their life which they feel that they cannot deal with and, although family and friends advise them to seek help, the pressure of the issue can seem too much to deal with and they continue to brush the issue under the carpet leading to all sorts of health problems. I have seen many clients with pressing issues or debt and feel so relieved when their problem is resolved. They only wish they had known about the service before! The time is right to take back control of your affairs by calling 09135 300020* today.

You can call KJ Accounts Advice line at a time that is convenient to you and you will be charged for your call through your mobile provider at the rate specified. You therefore do not have to leave your home for a consultation, or book a day off work.

We aim to make the call easy for all and you can call in the presence of your trusted ones and know that help is at hand, as sometimes they understand the situation better than you do. Or you may have a friend or loved one that can’t deal with their pressing issues, then you can call as a general enquiry and then pass the information on to the people that need it. The call is completely confidential.

*Calls charged at £1.00 per minute, plus your phone provider’s access charge. Callers must be 18+ & have the bill payer’s permission. Service Provided by Digital Select Ltd. Live calls recorded for training and monitoring purposes only. All calls are confidential and your information will not be passed on to a third party without your permission.*