It’s time you switched on your boiler

Summer is not yet over, but we are encouraging you to turn your boiler on. No, we are not going mad! Many years of experience has shown us that most of our boiler repair calls are in October.

It is common for boilers to fail after they have been turned off for a while. Why not check yours is in working order now – out of the ridiculously busy ‘boiler breakdown’ season and before it gets cold?

Check for the following:


  • If the boiler has a pressure gauge, make sure it is in the ‘green’.
  • When you start the boiler, look for:
  • Smooth, steady running
  • No smell of gas or other fumes
  • No leaks.


  • After 10-20 minutes, check all the radiators are getting warm
  • Check for cold spots at either the top or bottom of the radiators
  • Check for signs of rush or leakage around the radiator.

If you see any of these problems, call The Purple Plumbing People today on 01367 252807 to get your heating system checked so you can be sure of a warm winter.