Join the FLBClub Facebook group

A new benefit for FLBClub members is a new FLBClub Facebook group. It is for FLBC members to post adverts, but is open to the public to join and view. So, if you post an advert to this group, anyone will be able to see it and what you have to offer. Non-FLBC-members will not be allowed to post/advertise.

Please go to or search “Fairford & Lechlade Business Club group” on Facebook to start your free posting/advertising. Click on the Join button and join either as a private individual or on behalf of your business. The more members that join the group, the more beneficial it will be to the whole club membership. Get your name out there and also see what other members have to offer.

The group will be regularly monitored and members are allowed to post/advertise regularly. There is no limit, but we would ask you not to post/advertise excessively. Suggested number of posts/adverts is one per week.

This is YOUR page for promoting your business. Please use it regularly to help local member businesses.