Lechlade Marina under new ownership

Ian and Jules Lindsay are the new owners of Lechlade Marina having completed the purchase on Friday 29th June. The first step in their project to restore the marina to its former glory has been to change the name of the marina, which can now formally be known as Lechlade Marina. Ian said: ‘We have done this to disassociate our business going forward from the stigma attached to the marina under its previous name and ownership, especially given its recent turbulent history and the far-reaching influence of the internet and social media. We hope you all understand and will support this move.’

Ian and Jules plan to work very hard over the coming months to restore the fabric and reputation of the marina to a standard that delivers excellent value to the moorers, creates a secure and relaxing environment where they can enjoy their boats and make it somewhere that everyone can be proud of.

Many people have kindly and generously offered their time, assistance and skills to help Ian and Jules achieve what they hope is a common aim of tidying up and restoring the marina. When they have had a chance to fully assess what needs doing and what the priorities are, they will arrange a couple of ‘working days’ so the offer of help can be gratefully accepted.

Ian and Jules intend to move things forward properly and in a business-like and professional manner with mooring agreements in place and proper financial arrangements. However, they are also looking forward to getting to know the people who live and work on the marina better and welcoming new moorers to Lechlade Marina.