Meet the woman who massages dogs and cats

New to Fairford and the FLBClub, Lizzie Garthwaite uses the EMMETT Technique to gently release tension in the muscles, and clients feel a range of benefits. She is running courses to learn the technique for yourself or to use on your pets! No prior training needed.

Lizzie began by learning how to apply the treatment to people before moving on to the rest of the animal kingdom. Lizzie said: “This technique has been used on cats, rabbits, birds, sheep, camels and I have treated a guinea pig for anxiety”.

Lizzie says that she loves using this therapy both with people and animals. “Working with animals is perhaps more satisfying, as they can’t always tell you what the problem is.” To find out more about what Lizzie does, read:

For more information, contact Lizzie on 07803 011349.