Now is the best time to get your boiler serviced!

Yes, seriously!

Now that the weather is warmer, the last thing on your mind will be getting your boiler serviced. However, did you know that turning the heating back on after the summer is when many boiler problems occur? Why not avoid the Autumn rush and have your boiler good-to-go when it turns chilly? Did you know that servicing your boiler annually will ensure it is running safely and efficiently, will help reduce maintenance costs and also prolong its lifespan?

Book before the end of August to claim your extra Free 7-Point Check, which usually costs £65 + VAT. We will:

  1. Check that the programmer and room thermostats switch on/off correctly.
  2. Check the central heating pump for signs of leakage, unusual noise or over-heating.
  3. Check the zone valves that control the flow of water through your heating system switch on/off correctly.
  4. Check that the thermostat radiator valves (TRVs) work efficiently and control the temperatures correctly on all your radiators.
  5. Check you have a CO alarm and that it is working properly and not out of date.
  6. Check for rust in your heating water as this is a sign of corrosion that can cause damage to your heating system.
  7. Check your immersion heater (if you have one). This is the emergency back-up for hot water and the likelihood is that it hasn’t been used in a while. We’ll take a quick look to check that it’s working.

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