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Now is the perfect time to make a list of all those annoying plumbing niggles – dripping taps, leaky toilets, noisy radiators etc.

  • Fix that dripping overflow
    When an overflow pipe is dripping or running with water, one of the most common causes is an issue with a float valve in a toilet cistern, cold water tank, central heating feed or expansion tanks that allows the tank to keep filling up.
  • Install a warm outside tap
    Warm water disperses dirt quicker than cold water so a warm outside tap is ideal for washing your car, your windows and even your pet! And think of the money you could save on a professional window cleaner or paying to have your car washed?
  • Check water temperature
    Cylinder thermostats should be set between 55 and 65 degrees. This is hot enough to kill harmful bacteria in the water, but could also be hot enough to scald. For extra safety, consider installing a thermostatic mixing valve which will automatically ensure that hot water is at a safe temperature.
  • Repair leaking tap
    Did you know a tap that dripped once a second ever day all day would only take four and a half hours to reach one gallon? Every day you would waste 5 gallons of water or 2,082 gallons per year! That is 10% of the average water used by a standard toilet on a daily basis.
  • Fix noisy radiator
    The most common cause of a noisy radiator when the heating comes on is trapped air inside your system. A good way to check for trapped air is to feel the radiator. If it feels cold at the top, but not at the bottom, then it is likely that there is trapped air inside.
  • Install a water softener
    If you live in a hard water area, you may want to consider installing a water softener to reduce the damaging effects of limescale in your home. As limescale deposits build up, they slowly restrict the flow of water in pipes, taps, showerheads, toilets and kitchen appliances such as dishwashers.

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