Re-cycling and Up-cycling

Re-cycling and Up-cycling
How auction rooms represent one of the most sustainable and green industries

Working in Moore Allen’s Auction Saleroom has made me aware of the ‘throw away’ society we currently live in. In terms of sustainability, the Saleroom is an efficient and addictive way of diverting old furniture and trinkets from landfill and re-using in our homes.

Here in Cirencester, Philip Allwood, who has featured in TV programmes such as ‘Flog It’, ‘Bargain Hunt’ and ‘Dickinson’s Real Deal’, is the Head Auctioneer and, once a month, there is the opportunity to experience the infectious and exciting atmosphere the Saleroom brings.

There are bargains to be had and an opportunity to turn old items into real money. Up-cycling is bang on trend and not only provides an opportunity to personalise an old piece of furniture, it will in turn contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. In just one day, you can furnish a whole house for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Many of the lots are over 100 years old and what a better way of sending a message to the next generation about sustainability and preserving the planet

When you join us for one of our monthly sales, you will experience first-hand the variety of unique objects, solid pieces of furniture and soak in the exciting atmosphere.

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