The Club


The Fairford and Lechlade Business Club is an independent organisation run by a team of volunteers elected by the members.

We pride ourselves on our regular high quality monthly meetings in a friendly environment, which gives our members and their guests the opportunity to share information and trade with each other. Relevant and interesting speakers ensure that our meetings are informative and useful to members.

Why join the Fairford & Lechlade Business Club?

If your business is doing okay, why fix something that ain’t broke? The simple answer to this is that Fairford & Lechlade Business Club enables local business people to network to increase business opportunities, socialise and chat informally to share problems and find solutions, air grievances to enable joint action, receive information to help tackle the increasing burden of regulation, exchange views, information and contacts.

To continually grow, your business always needs new customers but, at times, it also needs new ideas, new systems and new ways of doing things.

Fairford & Lechlade Business Club provides the environment for networking with other go-ahead businesses – large and small – to put your business in touch with other local, motivated and committed people.

Membership of the Club is corporate, so you and all your team can participate and benefit.

We encourage you to join to take advantage of all our membership benefits.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next meeting.

When do we meet?

Evening meetings are held at 7.30pm and breakfast meetings quarterly (March, June, September and December) at 8am usually on a Thursday.

Interaction with other Business Clubs

FLBC want to share its dynamic approach with other Business Clubs and Chambers of Commerce through a reciprocal arrangement, whereby FLBC members can attend meetings at other Clubs and Chambers and their members are welcome to attend FLBC meetings. In this harsh economic climate, businesses need all the help they can get and increased networking could be the first foot in the door.

Encouraging Young Entrepreneurs

Many of today’s best known entrepreneurs started their business when they were young. For example Bill Gates (Microsoft), Richard Branson (Virgin) and Frank and Dan Carney, who started Pizza Hut.

It was with this in mind that FLBC decided to involve the students from Farmor’s School in Fairford in order to create a two-way opportunity for local businesses to harness the expertise and enthusiasm that young people have and for the students to learn more about how a business operates.

Award Winning Club

The Fairford and Lechlade Business Club has won

  • The Business category in the Glos Calor Village of the Year competition 2008
  • A special sponsored prize from Three Sector Match of Gloucester for the mutual support that exists between the local businesses and the community 2008
  • The Calor West Region Competition 2009
  • Fairford & Lechlade Food & Drink Festivals – Highly Commended in the Business and Economy Category for the Action for Market Towns Awards 2012

Our Mission Statement

To promote local business for the benefit of trade, commerce, tourism and local people.


To provide a forum and support for local businesses with

  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Business School
  • Lobbying
  • Finance

Exchange of information and ideas on

  • Regulation
  • Legislation
  • Grants
  • Project Management
  • Hospitality


  • To develop a local business grouping
  • Disseminate information on legislation, training, finance
  • Promote mentoring, training, project management
  • Develop business training, arrange forums
  • To lobby for local enterprise