What the Government and budget news means for businesses

The FLBClub feel that it would be helpful to have an ‘Idiot’s Guide’ to the new regulations, legislation, grants, restrictions, etc. during this unprecedented time. However, everything is very fast moving and help measures announced by the Chancellor in the budget speech have already been over-ridden by additional measures. Also so much information can also be confusing and we do not want to confuse you more. 

What we will, therefore, try to do is give links to advice and hope that these will be helpful for you and your business.

Please bear in mind that, at the time of writing this Newsletter, China had reported no new corona virus cases for the second day in a row. It has taken China nearly three months to get to this stage, so we must stay hopeful that we in the UK will be over this dreadful time by the end of June and businesses can start getting back to some sort of normality. We will get over this!

Here’s hoping that one or more of these links will help you. Please bear in mind that these will probably have been further updated by the time you receive the FLBClub Newsletter.


Government guidance for employers and businesses – updated 24th March 2020




Government guidance for employees



FSB advice for businesses – updated 25th March 2020



Details of support for small businesses with grant funding/loans





Help for the self-employed >