What’s Wrong With Reciprocal Testimonials?

One of the pleasures of writing articles for newsletters is that it gives the perfect opportunity to promote other businesses as well as one’s own. It’s something I love to do. I neither ask nor expect the other business to reciprocate. Usually, they’re not in a position to do so. 

Given that Aspire Academy is all about helping young people get their careers off to a flying start, I jump at the opportunity to work with young people who may not have been in business all that long. As long as they can satisfy me that they offer good value, it doesn’t bother me that they may not have much of a “track record.” It’s enormously rewarding to watch a young person’s business become a small team and then expand to a thriving enterprise and to know that you were one of their very first customers, one of the first to put their trust in someone in spite of the absence of a “track record.” 

Lockdown has given me the time I needed to take a whole new look at the way I run Aspire Academy and, taking a new look, eventually led to the decision to take a shredder to the whole thing and start again! 

Thanks to the support I’ve had from Bulldog Websites (www.bulldogwebsites.co.uk), I’ll be launching a brand new website next month, so I needed to record some short videos and they needed to look professional. In other words, they needed to be higher quality than anything I could produce at home using my laptop and webcam.

So, I approached Alex Pates-Cook. His business is a new start-up based in Tewkesbury. I was immediately impressed when Alex said that he was not prepared to do any work for me until we’d had a face to face discussion (on a local park bench sitting several feet apart) and he understood exactly what I required. I always warm to that approach. 

Alex and I hit it off from the word go; filming was a lot of fun and the finished products were excellent. What’s more, it led to something unusual. Normally you get testimonials from people you’ve done work for. I’ve never known it happen the other way round – until this time, when Alex sent me this rather moving link he’d posted on his own website about the work we’d done together. I trust that the videos will speak for Alex’s work. www.apcpresents.com/post/talks-with-barry-jackson-new-videos-for-aspire-academy.

And as long as the sentiments expressed are sincerely meant, what’s wrong with reciprocal testimonials? I have a feeling that Alex and I are going to be working together again.