Wrag Barn proud to welcome Supporting Wounded Veterans

Supporting Wounded Veterans is a UK based charity that supports veterans, who were physically wounded or injured during their time in service, or suffered PTSD as a result of their service.  The veterans are battling with both physical and mental injuries that have proved life-changing and, in many cases, shattering.

It helps veterans rebuild their futures through a unique, specially designed, ski-based development programme. Every year it provides a carefully selected group of medically discharged military personnel with seven days “ski habilitation” in the Swiss resort of Klosters, which enables them to regain their confidence and embark upon a new path to fitness and wellbeing.

Once back in the UK, the veterans join a mentoring and job-finding programme that supports them into re-training and employment.  The ultimate aim is to help veterans re-integrate into society, ensuring long-term stability for themselves and their families.

For the 4th year of the Veterans Spring Into Action weekend, 32 veterans, partners, committee and buddies came to Highworth and Wrag Barn. This is a summary of some of the activities:

Veterans helping Veterans to build resilience and wellbeing has been the theme of the 2019 Spring Into Action weekend. Vets and their partners have heard from other veterans about strategies and resources to help them thrive following medical discharge. David covered gratitude and daily journaling, sleep hygiene and setting daily achievable goals. Aaron explained compensation schemes and Personal Injury Payments and where to get support for appeals and legal issues. Stuart shared his progress since leaving service, highlighting the many ways SWV has helped him and his family to grow and succeed. On the Sunday, the Vets met their mentors, which is the exciting next step towards their rehabilitation.

Three veterans: Kirsty, Paul and Natasha made a recording which shared their experiences for Swindon 105.5 FM and they were on air on Thursday 18th April between 9am-10am.

For more information visit: https://www.supportingwoundedveterans.com/.

At the time of writing the portals for wounded veterans and buddy applications are open.